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Traffic Control Course

The Traffic Control Course are based on the MoTH Manual for Work on Roadways and involve two days of classroom and “on the road” instruction.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastucture maintains an extensive website devoted to the training of TCP’s. The only course approved by WorkSafe BC was developed by the BC Construction Safety Alliance and they maintain a list of Instructors and some of the courses being offered around the Province.

The course is not difficult but do not think you are fully prepared to begin controlling traffic when you complete it. You won’t be. This is a profession that requires experience and lots of it. On the road is where you learn the trade and a good traffic control company will introduce you slowly to road work partnered with a more senior TCP who will mentor you through your first year on the job. When interviewing companies for a position, ask them about their new worker training plan. Learn what support you can expect from them.

Before actually taking the course you can review the Traffic Control Course in considerable detail on the Ministry website cited above. The participant work book is available as is the manual from which the instructors must work. The Powerpoint presentation they use is available. They even give you sample questions and answers. It is possible to go into the classroom knowing the material in detail already. We recommend you do this.

Because it is an open book exam it is important that you become familiar with the written material so that you can refer to it quickly. If you prepare in advance for the Traffic Control Course you will breeze through it. It is the first step towards a job that will pay you well, give you responsibility and a path for future advancement. Do it!