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A Career in Traffic Control

A Career in Traffic Control is an exercise in safety: safety for the motorist, safety for the pedestrian and safety for the worker on the streets and roads. Where safety is the goal the preparation and training never ends. Before an individual is sent out into traffic they must receive adequate training in their function. Training for traffic control is required by Part 18 of the Regulations to the Workers Compensation Act. These regulations can be found on the WorksafeBC website. In the Guide to the Regulations it is pointed out that the only approved course for TCP Training is the one developed by the BC Construction Safety Alliance. This course is based on the Ministry of Transportation Manual for Work on Roadways which is the basic document for proper setup of traffic control on the streets and roads of the Province. It is applied universally throughout BC.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure also maintains a web page devoted to ‘Traffic Control and Training’ which refers back to the BC Construction Safety Alliance. This web page is a valuable Traffic Control resource.

The truth is that the training never ends: regulations change; signs change; practices and equipment change. Every day on the road is a training exercise.

Classroom 1 A Career in Traffic Control

Ansan has dedicated classroom space devoted to training and upgrading of its employees. Regular courses are held in all phases of traffic control in the ongoing effort to see that our people are prepared for this challenging and rewarding calling.

Classroom 2 A Career in Traffic Control

A Good Career

It is a mystery to us why Traffic Control is often overlooked as a career choice. There is no question that the work is hard, but, it is important work. It is largely a unionized industry with good payscales. This especially true once you become a Lane Closure Technician and begin driving a Lane Closure Truck. Essentially, that is advanced work that requires extensive on road experience. And once you have several years on the road as a TCP there are many avenues open to advanced work in the field as a trainer, traffic planner, dispatcher, or health and safety officer. We are always glad to talk to anyone interested in our line of work. Come on in and see to us. Leave a message on one of our pages with your contact information and we will set up an appointment for you.

Other Resources

Ansan can provide you with your traffic training needs. However, we have fall back suppliers of services whom we rely upon and they can be a valuable resource for information and service. For instance, Metro Traffic Planning does traffic control training and we rely on them for help in mounting our own courses.