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Ansan Manager's Traffic Safety Course

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The Ansan Group in conjunction with Metro Traffic Planning has developed a Manager’s Traffic Safety Course for Formen and Managers. At the request of a large corporate client this course was created not to qualify people as TCP’s but to instruct on the current standards in traffic control and how to keep a company compliant with those standards.

WorkSafe BC regularly visits job sites to confirm complainace with the MOTH Manual for Work on Roadways, the current rule book of traffic control. If a site is not compliant, it can have operation suspended until deficiencies are corrected. This can prove costly if work crews must stand down for an afternoon or even a few hours. In addition, for continuing violations WorkSafe can levy fines against companies, and in extreme cases, against individuals.

In addition to traffic control the course also covers time keeping and billing methods so that managers can understand how these operations affect costs and how to keep those costs to a minimum. Formen of work crews are introduced to the signifigance of time slips and what they are signing for at the end of each day.

To assist with the delivery of this course a printed manual and video presentation has been prepared. Because it has been developed “in house” the instruction material can be tailored to specific clients.

To this point this has been viewed as a value added service for existing clients and there has been no charge for this one day presentation.

Whether you are a client now or intend to be in the futre, the Ansan Group would be pleased to discuss tailoring such a course for your middle management and formen. Traffic control has become serious business and a significant expense on any construction site that will disrupt traffic. Do your people understand this phase of a modern worksite?