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Traffic Control Permits

Juridiction over Streets and Highways

Traffic Control Permits are a requirement of a proper traffic control setup. Jurisdiction for roads and highways is divided between the Province and Cities and Municiplaities. Generally, jurisdiction over roads and highways within Municipal boundaries falls to that city or municiplaity, with the exception of Provincial highways where they pass through. All other roads including Provincial highways fall under the Jurisdiction of the Provincial Governement. Permits are issued by the controlling jurisdiction. For information about how to contact these various authorities, see the Resources Section under Links.

Requirement for Traffic Control Permit

Traffic Control Permits are a requirement of the MoTH Manual in Section 1.2.1. No one can work on the Streets or Highways of this Province without a Permit. The Provincial or Municipal authority charged with the operation of traffic on the street in question has to know who is there and what they are doing. It is essential to the efficient operation of our road system in the Province.

Each City, Municipal for Provincial authority has its own form of permit application which must be filled out and submitted with some form of traffic plan, either drawn for the permit application or simply a drawing out of the MoTH Manual incorporated into the application by a simple reference to the Figure will suffice.  In some cases, these plans can be complex. To find out what will be required, it is best to contact the City, Municipality, or local Highways Office and ask for a copy of the necessary application. Of course, these forms are usually available on the internet but government websites are often hard to navigate. We have attempted to simplify that for you under our Resources menu in the Links section.

Many contractors and utilities apply for these permits themselves. Others cannot be bothered and request that we apply for them as part of the traffic plan process. Ansan will make the application for you for a small fee which is usually not a large amount as these applications are pretty straightworward. A simple call to our dispatch line and you can request that we handle the permits along with the traffic control.

Traffic Control Permit Processing Time

Be warned that traffic permits usually take a few days. Most engineering departments say that it will take 5 days. Often it takes less but it depends on how busy the issuing authority is. Do your traffic planning early! Always! There is nothing worse than having men and equipment tied up because you forgot to apply for the permit at least 5 days in advance. And remeber, on top of that is the day or two or three that it will take to prepare the traffic plan that goes in with the permit application. So talk to us about this at the earliest time possible!