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Getting a Quote for Traffic Control Service

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Quotations and Price Lists

Most of the traffic control service we provide is for organizations that understand traffic control and what they need. For these clients, we have Rate Sheets which can be requested and they will allow an experienced contractor to calculate what they need and what it will cost.

However, on complex projects, or with project managers who are not completely comfortable with their traffic planning, it is often wise to have a more formal analysis of what is required and what it will cost. In these cases we are happy to provide a more formal quotation and, where appropriate or where requested, an estimate of what we feel is required to provide an adequate degree of traffic safety for the work site, the crew and the public.

How Quotes Are Structured

Before we can tell you what we will charge we have to know the service we will provide and this requires an understanding of your project. To some extent, to give you a quote we have to determine what traffic control set up will be necessary and how long it will be required. And we need to know the services you require: will you need a traffic management plan?; Do you want us to apply for the necessary permitting?; Will you require Traffic Control Persons (TCP’s)?; Do you need message boards, barricades or other rental equipment?.

In most cases what is required is straight forward and the quotation process is easy. We ask a few questions and give you a price. However, in complex projects where there are tender documents, such as used by Ministry of Highways or large municipal projects, we must see the Bid Request documents so we can analyse the project and what will ultimately be required. We often make site visits as well if we cannot get adequate aerial photography which we use extensively.

Once we have assembled the necessary information we will supply a quote for the services you have requested. The quotation is an estimate and any service provided that is not included in the written quotation will be invoiced in addition to the services outlined in the quotation.

What We Need to Know

Before you contact us, assemble your basic information. To help you, we have prepared the following questions. We have also prepared a Traffic Control Planning Guide that you can download and print to guide you in this process. Of course, if you have done this before and you know what you need, then you can skip this process altogether and simply call our dispatch line.

  1. Where is your project? We need street names and locations.
  2. What is the nature of the work?
  3. When will you need to be in the street? We will need dates and times.
  4. Are there any plans or drawings or are there bid documents and how do we get to see them.
  5. Will you require a Traffic Management Plan?
  6. Will you require us to obtain permits?
  7. Will you require equipment rentals?
  8. How many TCP’s and/or Lane Closure Vehicles do you require?
  9. Who is our contact person in your organization and what are their contact details. We rely heavily on e-mail so please provide an e-mail address for the contact person.

The Process

Once we have this basic information we will assess it and decide if a site visit is necessary. If we fell it is we will arrange an appropriate time to meet with your representative on the site to discuss the layout. Once we are satisfied that we understand what is required we will prepare a written Quotation for a defined set of services. As mentioned above, if other requirements come up, and they often do, those items will be additional to the original estimate. An example would be the provision of drawings at the request of the Ministry of Highways that were not contemplated in the original estimate.

A Word About Cost

As a general rule we do not charge for preparing a quotation. There are situations where we have indicated that a charge would be levied but that is always in advance and in writing. If the matter of fees is not brought up by us, and it seldom is, our quotations and estimates of service required are a complimentary service.