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Traffic Control Services

Many work activities require traffic control services to help ease the disruption of traffic on our roads and highways. Such work can be regular maintenance or the building of new roadways, the construction of bridges, tunnels and overpasses, sewer work, utilities work on road allowances, construction equipment that takes up road space, or special events such as movie shooting, sporting events or parades.

As traffic volumes increase in our modern world the management of vehicle flow around obstructions of any kind becomes essential. It is important that motorists and pedestrians be warned of these obstructions and that every effort is made to keep the traffic from being a threat to workers on the road, to pedestrians and to the motorists themselves. Efficient management of traffic around obstructions involves clearly marking the danger area, adequate warning to the public well in advance of the area of concern, and professional efficient management of the traffic flow itself.

The Ansan Traffic Group offers traffic control services throughout the Province of British Columbia. This encompasses a wide range of activities.

By calling or e-mailing us we can answer any other questions you may have and offer traffic advice on your particular traffic situation. We do not believe in answering machines. You will be answered by a real person who will take the time to direct your call to the right person.

Our various services are further described below. Just pick the area that interests you.

Ansan Services Include:

  • A highly trained and experienced unionized work force;
  • One-stop-shop ease for BC-wide traffic management needs;
  • Solid safety track record in the industry;
  • Rigid compliance with WorkSafe BC  regulations;
  • Industrial strength liability insurance;
  • On-the-road supervisors to monitor training, health and safety;
  • 24 x 7 x 365 live operator Dispatch;
  • Competitive industry rates;
  • The ability to handle all types of traffic safety requirements.

Ansan Benefits Include:

  • The ability to meet your needs with one phone call saving you time and money;
  • Professional staff assuring that your safety needs are being met;
  • Ability to meet multi project or geographic requirements;
  • Depth of experience ensuring traffic management scenarios comply with Regulations, and
  • One company shopping making budgeting and cost control more manageable.