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Traffic Control Resources

Bookshelf Final1 300x186 Traffic Control ResourcesThe rules and regulations governing traffic control are not all found in one place. This can be a problem when you need to look up this rule or that. Here at Ansan, we are referring to these sources all of the time and often we need to refer our clients to specific rules. You can find them all here. Every effort has been made to make this a comprehensive listing but if you find we have omitted something, do let us know so we can fill the gap in our library.

There are several sources of information available. For instance, you find the authority of a Traffic Control Person (TCP) contained in Section 141 of the Motor Vehicle Act. WorkSafe BC is another source of rules governing TCP’s and their safety. And the basic rules of  Traffic Control are found in the Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways published by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways (MoTH). But this ministry controls much more than that. They define the requirements for Traffic Planning and they determine the signs to be used on Provincial Highways.

But those are not the only sources of information. For instance, training of TCP’s is under the auspicis of the BC Construction Safety Alliance. Input into the traffic planning process also comes from the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). And let’s not forget the individual municipalities who each have their own rules.

We have attempted here to list resources by the authority that makes the rules. However, you may find it easier to have a look at the listings in our Subject Reference.