Staff Policies Manual

Current Version

Staff Policies Manual – October 28, 2017  (Click to open the file) 
The Staff Policies Manual primarily outlines the conduct policies that office staff (employees and contractors) are expected to adhere to. It also discusses vacation and overtime.  Note that not all staff have signed off on this manual, but all staff will be asked to sign off at some point.

Terms & Definitions Addendum – September 21, 2017  (Click to open the file)
This document lists and defines the formal terms used in the Staff Policies Manual. For ease of reference, each document will open in a new tab in your browser and you’re encouraged to read the 2 documents side by side so that you can reference the definitions of the formal terms as you read the manual.

Previous Versions

The Staff Policy Manual was first released in January 2017 and is a dynamic document that changes frequently, particularly in its first year of release. Some changes are minor such as to correct grammar, spelling or a link, and others are fundamental.

It’s likely that the Staff Policies Manual that you signed is a previous version. To review the terms and conditions that you signed, click on the applicable Staff Policy Manual and Terms & Definitions Addendum.