Job Evaluation

Job Description Form

Job Description Form (Word)

Form that provides a written statement describing the duties and responsibilities associated with a position, and the success factors and qualifications required for executing on those responsibilities. 

Instructions Document (PDF)
Open this document for instructions on how to complete the Job Description Form.

Completed Job Description Example (Word)
Completed Job Description Example (PDF)
Open this document in either format to see an example of a completed Job Description Form.

List of Competencies & Success Traits

List of Competencies & Success Traits (Word)

This list and descriptions of competencies and success traits is used by HR, Managers, and other Staff for writing job descriptions, creating job postings, and conducting performance reviews.

Competencies and success traits are the observable and measurable abilities and behaviors that must be demonstrated by employees to be successful in their positions.  Core Company Competencies:  The document also includes our ‘Core Company Competencies’ – the competencies required by all staff and management positions in order to be successful in the Company.

This document is downloaded in Word format so that you can copy and paste content directly into the document you are creating (job description, job posting, etc.).

If you need help selecting a competency or success traits for a position, or have questions about this guide, please contact HR.

Job Activity Log

Job Activity Log (Excel)
A spreadsheet used for recording daily activities at work to help create a job description or to understand workload.

Instructions – Job Activity Log (PDF)
Open this document for instructions on how to complete the Job Activity Log.