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Occupational Health & Safety Manual

The Ansan Occupational Health and Safety Manual, which is the model for the OH & S Manuals across the Ansan Group, has a long history. It is currently in its 4th edition, having been recently upgraded to meet the requirements of COR Certification. Its purpose is clearly set out in the OH & S Policy Statement as follows:
OHS Manual 3nd Edition OHS Policyjpg Page11 Small2 791x1024 Occupational Health & Safety Manual

This Manual is available from the Ansan offices upon request. You may also review it here, however, it is password protected. This Manual is Copyrighted material and may not be used, reproduced or copied in any manner whatsoever without the written consent of Ansan Industries Ltd.

If you have a password you may proceed to view it. If you do not have the password, you may contact the Ansan Offices, identify yourself and your reason for wishing to review the Manual. A password will be issued to you which you may use to examine the Manual.