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COR Certification

COR Certification (COR is short for Certificate of Recognition) is a voluntary program that recognizes companies in the construction industry who have made the effort to train and supervise their workers in matters of safety in an effort to create a safer workplace. It is a WorkSafe BC program run through the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA). You can read more about this on the WorkSafe BC website here. You can also find information on the BCCSA Website.

Two Certificates are awarded. The first is the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (OHS COR) and the second is the Injury Management and Return to Work Certificate of Recognition (RTW COR).

The OHS COR recognizes that and employer has implemented an occupational health and safety management system that exceeds regulatory requirements and ensures that there are comprehensive management systems in place to provide a safe work environment.

The RTW COR is awarded to employers who have incorporated injury management and early return to work programs into their health and safety management systems.

The award of the Certificates is based on stringent audit requirements by internal and external auditors. These audits are time consuming and expensive in the short term but Ansan believes that in the long term can save a company much time and treasure by creating a safe and compassionate workplace.

Ansan (and its affiliated companies) has considered Health and Safety to be of sufficient import that it has undertaken the necessary programs and steps to qualify for COR Certification and it currently maintains these Certificates in good standing.

Ansan Health Safety COR Certification

Ansan Injury Ma COR Certification