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Joint Health and Safety Committee

Image of OHS Committee WorkBook 600 278x300 Joint Health and Safety CommitteeAnsan is required to have a Joint Health and Safety Committee by Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act. WorkSafe BC takes these Committees very seriously and they have invested considerable effort into educating firms in the value of this process. They have produced a Manual called the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Workbook which is a complete guide to the set up and functioning of the Committee.

The Joint Health and Safety Committee must have members from both Management and the Employees and its duties, set out in Section 3 above, are to generally oversee safety issues within the Company. This is an important function which the Ansan Group has endorsed wholeheartedly. 

Our Committees meet monthly in the Company offices and these meetings are open to any Employee who has concerns to raise or who simply wants to watch. We are always looking for Members to participate and encourage or employees to get involved. Ansan Group employees are paid for their time invested on Committee business.

Clear Terms of Reference have been developed for each of the Committees and they are available for reference here.

Ansan Joint Health and Safety Committee – Terms of Reference
LaneTec Joint Health and Safety Committee – Terms of Reference
Island Joint Health and Safety Committee – Terms of Reference

All accident investigations and reports are brought before the Committee as well as all dealings with WorkSafe BC. The minutes of the meetings are posted in the Ansan Offices as well as in the Employee section of this website along with Reports and Investigations brought before the Committees.

If you have any questions concerning the Ansan Groups Health and Safety commitment or its Joint Health and Safety Committees contact us with you questions. He are proud of our people and their committment to workplace safety and welcome any opportunity to explain our safety programs further.