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Health and Safety

The Ansan Group is about the health and safety of workers on the road, motorists, pedestrians, and above all, our own personnel. We work diligently to perfect our skills at protecting workers, drivers and pedestrians because that is what we do. It is the effort to protect our own that we refer to under the heading “Health and Safety”. This is not what we are trained for and it can be easily overlooked. A solid Health and Safety program is in place to see that it is not.

WorkSafe BC is the driving force behind worker safety and the WorkSafe BC Website is a wealth of information on this topic. The rules and regulations are complex but and the publications they offer are extensive and they guide you through the rules to the essential elements of an Occupational Health and Safety Program.

It all starts with responsibility: who is responsible for what? The Workers Compensation Act takes the quesswork out of that question. Part 3, Division 3 is Entitled “General Duties of Employers, Workers and Others“. Read it! This forms the basis of the Health and Safety programs that follow.

Creating a culture of safety within an organization is not easy and the guidelines for doing so, when first encountered, seem silly. It is after you become involved and commited to the process that the rules begin to make sense.