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First Color Message Boards Deployed

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Color CMB Alt Route 1200 MG 8674 300x228 First Color Message Boards Deployed

The color CMB’s are capable of displayng the traditional orange on black text as well and intermixing monochrome and color images.

Color CMB COV 1200 MG 8673 300x212 First Color Message Boards Deployed

A color changeable message board deployed on Marine Drive at Victoria showing the logo of the City of Vancouver,

Ansan has begun deploying its new color Color Changeable Message Boards on the streets of Vancouver. After several weeks of testing and modifications to meet Ansan’s requirements, they are ready to go. These first boards out are being used on Marine Drive approaching Knight Street Bridge from either direction.

It is expected the brighter colors and graphic images will be more visible to motorists and grab their attention in a better way that with the old monochromatic orange and black boards of earlier days.

These photographs unfortunately do not capture the true brilliance of the colors on the boards. The angle of the camera gave rise to strong reflections on the surface of the sign which has obscured the true impact of these boards.

In these pictures one can see the new style European delineator introduced this year to Vancouver streets by Ansan. These units are more visible and they have an indicator of which side the traffic is required to pass on. The rule is that the traffic is to pass on the side with the “chevron” pointing downwards towards the pavement.