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LaneTec Traffic Control Inc. is a member of the Ansan Group of Companies sharing office space in the Ansan Group Headquarters in Richmond. The Company provides a full range of traffic control services, traffic planning and equipment sales and rentals.

LaneTec has many years of experience in the traffic control industry. It participated in the traffic control for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Richmond. It performs work for Telus on behalf of the Ansan Group which does all of the traffic control for Telus throughout British Columbia. The Company does a great deal of flagging for BC Hydro and supplies all of the traffic control services for the Corporation of Delta.

….. LaneTec Traffic Control Inc.
….. 2600 Viking Way,
Rchmond, B.C. V6V 1N2
….. (604) 278-5254
Alt. Tel:
(604) 270-1535
….. (604) 270-1545
….. lanetec@telus.net

LaneTec Incorp. date:
….. 9 May 2006
LaneTec Worksafe No:
….. 758362
LaneTec GST Reg.:
….. 858827769 RT001

BCCSA Logo Simple 300x87 LaneTec Traffic Control Inc. LaneTec Traffic Control Inc. is COR Certified for both its Occupational Health and Safety Programs and its Early Return to Work Program. The COR Certificate Number is: 758362112012121
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