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This is the Ansan Industries Ltd. Contact Information page. We welcome your questions and comments!

If you find this site helpful, tell us. If you find it lacking, that is what we really want to hear! What can we do to make this site more informative and helpful? Please call us and let us know.

….. Ansan Industries Ltd.
….. 2600 Viking Way,
Richmond, B.C. V6V 1N2
….. (604) 270-1535
….. (604) 270-1545
….. adminstration@ansantraffic.com
Ansan Incorp. Date:
….. 1978
Ansan Incorp. No:
….. BC0158745
Ansan WorkSafe No:
….. 226004
Ansan GST Reg:
….. 100222686

BCCSA Logo Simple 300x87 Ansan Industries Ltd. Ansan Industries Ltd. is COR Certified for both its Occupational Health and Safety Programs and its Early Return to Work Program. The COR Certificate Number is: 2260041120121220
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We answer our phones! We have no recorded messages. You talk to a real person every time you call who will connect you up with the person best able to answer your questions. So, write to us, call us, e-mail us or just drop in for a coffee. And if you have a complaint, we want to hear that as well. How else can we get better if we don’t hear about our failings?

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