Not Just a Job.
It’s a Career in Traffic Control

Your Ansan hard hat is not just part of your personal protective equipment. It’s a recognizable symbol that tells everyone that you’re doing honorable and critically important work.  It indicates that:

  • You’re looking out for the public’s safety
  • You have your working crew’s back
  • You’re sometimes weathering unpleasant conditions, but you’re out there anyways – because you know people are counting on you and you’ve got a job to do.
  • You’ve undergone extensive training so you know what you’re doing

This important work isn’t just a temporary job. It’s a good career in traffic control.

A Good Career Option

Traffic Control is often overlooked as a career choice, primarily because most of us aren’t aware of some of the opportunities and benefits that come with it.

There’s no question that the work is sometimes challenging, but there’s also no question that it’s important and rewarding work that translates into a good career.

Your Earning Potential

Most people don’t know that you can earn a lot of money as a Traffic Control Person.

This is especially true once you become a Lane Closure Technician and begin driving a Lane Closure Truck. It’s advanced work that requires several years on the road as a TCP.

Some our Lane Closure Technicians are earning upwards of $100k a year!

Career Opportunities

There are several career paths you can take once you become an Ansan TCP, including:

  • Lane Closure Technician
  • Trainer
  • OHS Supervisor
  • Dispatcher
  • Traffic Planner

And if you’ve got some office administration experience, you could also apply for open office positions.

We are always glad to talk to anyone interested in our line of work. Come on in and see to us. Call our Dispatch or email us and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

What our People have to Say

Sarah DeConti

I began working as a Traffic Control Person and eventually progressed into a Dispatch role where I was also introduced to Traffic Planning. I really enjoy what I’m doing.  Thank you Ansan for providing me with challenging and rewarding work that I honestly love!

Sarah DeContiSenior Dispatcher