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Ansan Testing Message Boards

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As part of its committment to traffic safety Ansan Traffic Group has been testing color message boards on several Lane Closure Vehicles in lieu of the current Flashing Arrow Board which has been the standard for decades. Unfortunately to old style arrow boards have many drawbacks including low visibility and an inability to display signs and messages. With modern low power LED technology it is possible to increase the visibility and communicating power of the Lane Closure Vehicle.

LC Truck 1 Ansan Testing Message Boards

The POLVis LED Board shown in this picture is installed on 6 vehicles of the type shown. It can display traffic signs, as shown above, and a message as can be seen in this picture at the bottom of the LED panel. The vehicle itself is in the new high visibility colors of Ansan Lane Closure Vehicles. The traffic delineators in the foreground are a new type Ansan is introducing. Unlike the tubular Type “D” delineator, these direct traffic to pass on the left side. Traffic is always to pass on the side indicated by the downward pointing diagonal stripes on the board. You can see they are hinged at the bottom to knock down if hit by a car without damaging the unit.

LC Truck 2 Ansan Testing Message Boards

This is the same vehicle with an arrow displayed on the message board. The two images, the Caution Sign and the Arrow where alternating and the massegae at the bottom of the board reads “Slow Down”. These messages are dialed up from a hand held unit much like a TV remote control from hundreds stored in the board. The amber “Mickey Mouse Ears” lamps provide visibility even at long distances. On this dark morning in the Vancouver rain notice how visible this message board is.

LC Truck 3 Ansan Testing Message Boards

Another form of Message Board being tried is shown in this photograph. It is over twice the size of the POLVis and highly visible from great distances. Again, it can display multile messages dialed up from a wireless remote control. This allows this vehicle to direct traffic on a single lane alternating traffic setup. The Traffic Control Person on the job can change the board from her position directing traffic having it display “Stop” and “Proceed” messages. It is programable to display any message required for the particular situation on the road.

LC Truck 4 Ansan Testing Message Boards

There is no missing this sign! Its visibility and versitility place it in a class by itself. Brittaney Morrison, the TCP operating this Lane Closure Vehicle, reports that motorists have actually stopped to talk to her about the board and their comments are universally positive. This never happens with the old traditional arrow board. Using this board adds to her arsenal of methods for controlling traffic and keeping her and the work crews and the public safe with minimum disruption for everyone.

In view of the positive response from the public to this equipment Ansa will be deploying ten more such Message Boards early in the new year. These are much more expensive than the older style of arrow board but the expense is viewed as necessary as part of Ansan’s ongoing commitment to traffic safety.