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Ansan Industries Ltd. Nominated as Business of the Year!

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C of C Coverjpg Page11 300x200 Ansan Industries Ltd. Nominated as Business of the Year!

Well now, this is an honour! The Richmond Chamber of Commerce this year nominated Ansan Industries Ltd. as Business of the Year for 2012 in the 76+ Empployees category. It was a surprise to us, but a very welcome one. It’s nice when you work day after day and someone notices. It is also rare in our fast paced world.

The Awards Dinner was held on the 21st of November at the River Rock Casino Resort. Raoul, Joanne, Ed Young and Flynn Marr attended on behalf of Ansan. It was, as our host Fred Lee said, “a gala gala do”! The dinner was excellent and the awards ceremony was kept moving right along with Freds usual good humour. We didn’t actually win in our category but we were there and we were proud.

Thank you to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for this honour. And thank you to all of our hard working TCP’s and office staff who are the very heart of this Company. Without you, this would not have happened.