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Ansan Guide Curb System

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Ansan has deployed its first use of the Ansan Guide Curb System on River Road in Surrey. In March of 2012 and the Intertraffic Trade Show in Amsterdam Raoul Malak of the Ansan Group saw a new system of delineating traffic that was unknown in Canada and yet made such good sense. After negotiating the Canadian rights to the product Ansan ordered substantial quantities and took delivery of them at the beginning of this year. And now the first small installation of the Ansan Guide Curb System has been deployed.

RM 1 Web Ansan Guide Curb System

Raoul Malak examines a section of Guide Curb at the Intertraffic Trade Show in Amsterdam. On the right with his back turned is Wolfgang Klein of Horizont Gmbh, a representative of the German manufacturer.

RM 2 Web Ansan Guide Curb System

A close up of the Ansan Guide Curb System. Modular in nature, the sections of Guide Curb bolt together and provide a base for the vertical delineators and “cat’s eye” collars on the curbing itself.

Last week a few hundred meters of the Guide Curbing were deployed as part of the traffic control planning on River Road as part of the Highway 17 Southern Ring Road construction project.

Curbing 1 2 Web Ansan Guide Curb System

The installation of the Ansan Guide Curb System begins with laying down and bolting together the one meter sections of curbing. The the vertical delineators are installed. They are flexible and designed to withstand vehicles bpassing over them and driving directly on the, without sustaining any vehicle damage.

The curbing is not fastened to the road. The cross sectional design is such that the tire of a vehicle mounts the small flange on the edge of the section easily without exerting a side force on the curb. Once the tire is on the flange and holding it firmly on the road it then encounters the higher portion of the curb but by this time there is no possibility of lateral movement.

Curbing 4 Web Ansan Guide Curb System

The Ansan Guide Curb System allows for curves to be created to accomodate any road or workside design. The Guide Curbing is completely customizable to the needs of the work crew on the site.

Unlike standard Type “D” tubular delineators, the flat panel delineators of this sytem indicates to motorists the side thy are expected to pass on (vehicles pass on the low side of the chevrons on the panels). The curbing also has a collar of “cat’s eyes” that attach to each piece giving added visibility at night. Of course, the chevrons on the delineators are a reflective material equivalent or better than the usual Diamond Cote standard used in North America.

Curbing 5 Web Ansan Guide Curb System

The superior visibility and delineation of the Ansan Guide Curb System is obvious to the driver as soon as it comes into view. And of course, if the driver strays ove the curbing he will be quickly awakened by the noise that the system makes. However, no damage will be occasioned to the vehicle or the curbing system.

In the event a vehicle drives over the curbing the delineators are knocked flat but once the vehicle passes they return to the upright position undamaged. This reduces the need for replacing or repositioning delineators as you would have to do with the standard Type “D” tubular delineator.