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Ansan Group Requires Flaggers

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Once again the Ansan Group requires flaggers. The demand for our flaggers from LaneTec Traffic Control and Ansan Traffic Control, both Ansan Group companies, has been strong all winter and we are in the position of not having enough people. Although experienced flaggers are the preferrence the situation is such that we will look at people who are fresh out of their training. We have an in-house training program for new flaggers that allows them to build confidence in themselves and allows us to assess their strengths. Anyone who is the least interested should give us a call.

Ansan Group companies are all union companies and pay good wages and offer extended medical benefits. There is room for advancement and for those willing to put in the hours there can be substantial rewards.

We have an Application Form on the website under Careers. Why not complete it and e-mail it with a resume to ansan@telus.net or lanetec@telus.net. But phone is good or send us your contact information on one of the e-mail reply forms on this web site. We are easy to contact and we will get back to you.