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ANSAN and ATC are Trade-marks

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Well, it’s about time: the word “Ansan” and “ATC” (for Ansan Traffic Control) are finally trade marks. After the company has used these distinctive marks for 33 years we have finally taken the necessary steps to obtain formal copyright protection for them.

Copyright Ansan Certificatejpg Page1 791x1024 ANSAN and ATC are Trade marks

The actual Certificate of Registration granting the Trade-mark “Ansan”

Ansan is derived from the names of the the two gals who started the company back in the 70’s; Ann and Sandy. The name has been used ever since but it has never had the formal protection of law.

There are other Ansans. There is a rather large city in Korea by this name. And there is a tequila by this name in Mexico. (So we appear to be in good company).

Old Hard Hat Masked 258x300 ANSAN and ATC are Trade marks

This old hard hat from the 80’s shows the use of the old “ATC” logo which was modified when Raoul assumed control in 2003

Even though the company name is Ansan Industries Ltd. we have always used the trade name “Ansan Traffic Control” and used the initials “ATC” on our hard hats, clothing and on our trucks.

In 2003 the form of the “ATC” logo changed but the letters continued to be used. On the advice of our lawyers the Company finally took steps to protect these letters after so many years of using them and investing so much effort in making them mean something in the market place.

The process is quite time consuming. It has taken well over a year from the time the applications were filed in Ottawa for our Trade-mark Certificates to issue. But at last we have them!

It may seem to some a pointless exercise but in fact taking these steps is an important part of an expanding dynamic company staking out its position in the market place. It is a declaration that “We are here to stay and this is ours. All others be warned.”

Copyright ATC Certificatejpg Page1 791x1024 ANSAN and ATC are Trade marks

Trade-mark Certificate of Registration for the letters “ATC”