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The Ansan Management Team

Management Team

Behind every Ansan and Island staff is a dedicated team of professionals who manage this large and complex traffic service provider and road maintenance: the Ansan and Island Management Team. One of the great strengths of Raoul Malak’s leadership has been his ability to build a team of professional leaders and then allow them to do their jobs with a minimum of interference. As a result, the Ansan and Island offices are a pleasant dynamic environment in which to work.

Raoul Malak

Chief Executive Officer, Ansan Traffic Group

Upon graduating with a Master’s degree in Hotel & Catering Management, Raoul worked for Trust House Forte as a hotel manager from 1980 through 1985. In 1985, he immigrated to Brisbane Australia where he was involved in management of family shopping center properties.

In 1987 Raoul came to Canada and acquired, with family members, the Granville Island Hotel which he managed until it was sold in 1996. He then became involved in Restaurant management and development until his acquisition of Ansan Industries Ltd. in November of 2003.

At the time Ansan was acquired, it was a small home based business operation in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Under Raoul’s guidance it has grown to encompass the Ansan Group of companies which, taken together, compromise the largest supplier of traffic control services in Western Canada.

A unique feature of Raoul’s style is his insistence on having an open office door so that any member of staff or employee can talk to him about issues that concern them. Polite and courteous he is the epitome of a “hands on” manager who stays in touch with all aspects of his business on a personal level. You want to talk to the boss, then he is the man!

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Edward Young, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Edward Young graduated from SFU in 1994 with a B.A.. In 1996 he received his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certificate. In 1997 Edward began a long career in public practice with Lohn Caulder LLP. Edward managed the IT systems and lead the IT strategy for the accounting practice by leveraging technology to provide more efficient operations and add value to client service. As well, Edward developed his accounting, auditing and tax skills and soon become a senior manager with the firm only after 3 years. During his time with Lohn Caulder LLP he managed key client relationships and advised owners and management on operations, finance and tax related matters as well as acting as controller and CFO.

By 2008 Edward received his Certified Management Accountant designation which focuses on strategy and leadership. In 2009 he attended the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants In-Depth GST/HST tax course and spent the next 2 years focused in the area of commodity tax and developed a new area of business at Lohn Caulder LLP it did not have before. Edward advised many clients on the implementation of HST and wind down of PST while still managing his key client relationships.

In 2011 Edward accepted an opportunity in PwC’s Indirect Tax Group as a manager and advised clients in complex transactions, real estate transactions and due diligence supporting PwC’s Mergers and Acquisition Group. Edward also helped lead PwC’s Private Client Services group with indirect tax advisory services.

In 2012 Edward accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Ansan Industries Ltd. Edward brings 14 years of public practice experience to his role as CFO at Ansan. He believes that Ansan’s success can be attributed its focus on core values to maintain its competitive advantage in the market place. He also appreciates the role leadership plays in the success of the company thought its owner Raoul Malak, which drew Edward into a career with Ansan. Edward’s role is to mitigate the company’s overall risk and enhance the value of the company for its shareholders. Since starting he has advised on many tenders, internal projects, acquisitions, legal and tax matters that have added value.

Joanne Chun, CPA, CMA

Director, Island Traffic Group

Joanne came to Ansan in 2007 and was initially working with Raoul and supporting him in all aspects of corporate management. She slowly became engaged more and more with LaneTec Traffic Control and in July of 2011 acquired ownership of LaneTec.

Joanne was involved in the Ansan acquisition of Flaggirls Traffic Control, now renamed Western Traffic Ltd.,  on Vancouver Island in 2011 and the later acquisition of Island Traffic Services Ltd. Together the two companies are the major supplier of traffic control services on Vancouver Island.

In January of 2013 Joanne became the owner of Western Traffic Ltd., Island Traffic Services Ltd. and Victoria Contracting Municipal Maintenance as members of the Island Traffic Group.

Juanita Laron, CPA, CGA

Senior Accountant

Juanita joined the Ansan Group head office team in November of since 2011 and in that time has become the “go to” person for all things accounting! Her ability and dedication combined with a true team spirit has made her an indispensable part of our organization. Juanita has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting. She is also a Certified General Accountant.Reporting directly to our CFO, Edward Young, she supervises our accounting staff.

Prior to joining the Ansan team she has worked for various Asian and Canadian companies where she has amassed an incredible range of talents and abilities. With over 25 years’ experience in full cycle accounting, her skills compliment her ability to keep up with the growing demands being made on the accounting staff of the Ansan Group of companies.

Greg Raby

Regional Manager, Ansan Traffic Group

Greg Raby is Ansan’s Regional Manager of the Okanagan and Interior operations. Greg has many years of practical experience on the traffic control industry and was one of the founders and owners of one of Traffic Control in British Columbia. Upon selling his interest, he joined the Ansan Group where he has worked his way into his current management position.

Brian Litster

Director of Operation, Island Traffic Group

His first venture in 1984 was Van Isle Traffic. In 1998, Island Traffic Services Ltd. was launched and became the leading supplier of traffic management plans and services to Vancouver Island. In 2012, Brian joined Island Traffic Group which encompasses several traffic control companies and has a sister company serving all of BC after the sale of Island Traffic Services.

Brian oversees the operations in Vancouver Island with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Ian Lamplugh

General Manager, Western & Island Traffic

Ian Lamplugh began working with Island Traffic Services Ltd. since 2007 and he was promoted into management 4 years later. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Victoria.

Having worked his way up through the ranks at Island Traffic he is ideally suited to his current position as General Manager of Island Traffic Services and Western Traffic on Vancouver Island. He is a proactive energetic manager who shows creativity and initiative in his day to day handling of the companies in his charge.

Mike Kemp

General Manager, Van Isle Traffic

Mike Kemp has been actively involved in traffic control since 1989 and was General Manager of Van Isle Traffic Service when it was acquired by the Island Traffic Group in 2014. Since then he has remained as a General Manager. His valuable experience in dealing with Van Isle’s major client, BC Ferries, and his practical management style have made him an important part of the Island Traffic Group of Companies. He is also a certified BCCSA trainer and holds a traffic control course time to time.

Kevin Sheen

General Manager, Tran Sign

Kevin Sheen came to the printing and graphics arts business from a background in computing science. He was programming computers for engineering applications in his native Scotland 25 years ago when he realized there was a demand for programming to connect computers to graphics arts applications. He set up his own successful programming and graphics arts business which he eventually sold when he and his family moved to Canada.

Kevin was hired 10 years ago as the General Manager for Tran Sign (1999) Ltd. and was in that position when the company was acquired by the Ansan Group in early 2015. He continues to manage the sign manufacturing and printing arm of the Ansan Group where his deep knowledge of the industry makes him a valuable asset to the Company and to the Group.

Graham Harrison

General Manager, Victoria Contracting and Municipal Maintenance Corporation

Graham previously owned TerraWorx Landscape Contracting Inc, a full service landscape construction and maintenance company in Langford and the western communities of Greater Victoria BC, and sold his business to Island Traffic Group. Before TerraWorx, Graham was the partner and general manager of BM Landscaping Corp. which was charged with the extensive landscaping needs of the Bear Mountain development in Victoria, B.C.

The Board of Directors selected Graham as General Manager because of his extensive knowledge and experience in soft and hard landscape installation as well as commercial maintenance services, his proven leadership abilities, and his focus on providing public works services to the City of Langford, Town of View Royal and District of Highlands. VCMMC and his team are looking to expand their market and income potential over the next few years.