We are the future of traffic control

History of the Ansan Group

The Ansan Group begins with Ansan Industries Ltd. which was founded in 1978 by two women, Ann and Sandy, former flaggers who struck out on their own to offer flagging services in Vancouver. The Company was purchased in 2003 by its current owner, Mr. Raoul Malak, who took a small home based business being run from a kitchen table in a private home and turned it into Western Canada’s largest provider of traffic management services. In those days Ansan employed about 80 flaggers and had no lane closure vehicles or changeable message board equipment.

What began as a strictly flagging service has grown into an enterprise with over 140 employees offering additional services including lane closure, traffic planning and equipment rentals.

Ansan Truck 300x182 History of the Ansan Group

Typical Ansan Lane Closure Vehicle with Flashing Arrow Board (FAB)

In 2003 Ansan took office space on the Quay in New Westminster where its present expansion began. Originally the office staff consisted of a dispatcher, bookkeeper and manager. Within two years the first of the present fleet of lane closure vehicles was acquired and the Company’s market share began to increase.

Because traffic control can be a dangerous occupation attention was immediately given to training and safety. Various staff members were sent on all of the WorkSafe BC and Construction Safety Alliance courses available and our current Employee Manual and Occupational Health and Safety Manuals were created.

The Company quickly outgrew the New Westminster space and in 2006 moved to a warehouse space on McMillan Way in Richmond where there was office space for our expanding office staff and growing fleet of vehicles. A measure of the Company’s growth can be seen in its bidding for and getting all of the traffic control duties for the 2010 Winter Olympics in the Lower Mainland. For this project Ansan trained and hired an additional 200+ flaggers for the two months of the Olympics. It should be noted that for the whole of the Olympics, there were no accidents or serious traffic incidents to mar the joy of the Games.

CMBs in Warehouse 300x200 History of the Ansan Group

Changeable Message Boards in the Ansan warehouse on Viking Way in Richmond, B.C.

It was in 2010 that Ansan was the successful bidder for all of the traffic control requirements of Telus Communications for the whole Province. To carry out this project an association of 40 sub-contractors was created, all dispatched from a single phone number to every area of BC where telephones are found.

Today Ansan is headquartered on Viking Way in Richmond in the lower mainland of BC. Ansan is able to service all of British Columbia through an alliance of traffic management service providers targeting customers within road construction, utilities, city works and special projects that include events such as sporting competitions, movie shoots and large-scale infrastructure projects. The Company has created a Changeable Message Board rental division, and has acquired or formed close associations with several other traffic control companies on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. These Companies, taken together, form the ‘Ansan Traffic Group’ which is now the largest supplier of traffic control services in Western Canada.

It has been quite a ride and the future looks bigger and brighter than ever!