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Our Photo Archive

Here in the Ansan Group Photo Archive we keep many of the pictures and art works that we have used over the years. They include pictures of people, events and equipment. Get to know these pictures and you will know us better.

The Ansan Group Offices

Moving Day August 2010 1024x559 Our Ansan Group Photo Archive

Moving into our new offices on Viking Way, 2 August 2010 with Raoul Malak standing in the chaos of the move.

Building with Logo Our Ansan Group Photo Archive

The head offices for the Ansan Group of Comapnies in Richmond, B.C.

Dinner with Wolfgang

In October of 2011 Wolfgang Klein of Horizont Group gmbh, the maker of German equipment we have begun to use here in Vancouver, came to Vancouver to visit us and see our operation. And of course, we went out for dinner one night.

Dinner with Wolfgang 1024x688 Our Ansan Group Photo Archive

An evening out in Vancouver. On the left, Joanne Chun of the Island Traffic Group, Raoul Malak, Susan Porta, in the center Darren Molinga of Advanced Tarffic Solutions Inc. and his partner, then Wolfgang Klein and finally, on the right, Flynn Marr.

Ongoing Lane Closure Traffic Control Training

Ansan is an industry leader the traffic control training. Our employees are on dangerous jobs and their first line of safety defence is their training. We regularly offer our workers upgrade courses in Traffic Control, Lane Closure Practce, BC Hydro Power Line Safety, and, of course, first aid. We take our responsibility to our workers seriously.
Here are pictures of a Lane Closure Course held in October of 2011.

Intertraffic 2012 Trade Show, Amsterdam, Holland

In the spring of 2012 Raoul, Joanne and Flynn from Ansan and Barry Sheahan from Alliance Traffic attended the Intertraffic 2012 Tradeshow in Amsterdam. It was quite and eye opener for all of us to see how the rest of the world manages traffic and the equipment that they use. The practice in the rest of the world is very different from our own.

The BMO International Marathon 2012

Raoul with Truck Our Ansan Group Photo Archive

Raoul Malak, owner of Ansan demonstrating his flagging skills.